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Bird DNA Sexing

We sex your birds by amplifying a region of the DNA within the gender chromosomes. In birds, these chromosomes are called Z and W. Females are ZW and males are ZZ.

Testing can be performed from blood samples or freshly plucked feathers. We recommend sending at least 5 medium feathers. Blood samples are preferred since they ensure a result. Feather samples may have to be resubmitted if not enough cells are present for analysis.

Warning: Molted feathers are not appropriate for bird sexing because they do not carry enough DNA.

Sample Collection Animetics Sample Collection Animetics

If your species is not listed, just send us a known male and a known female together with the unknown sample. You will be only charged for the unknown sample.

DNA Sexing Fees

1 - 9 Samples $17.50
10 Samples $14.50
Electronic Certificates Free
Printed Certificates $2
In colour on quality paper
Collection Kits $0.50*
minimun order 10 kits


Certificates Animetics

We provide certificates for each sexed bird. The certificates are specially designed.

Labeling your samples

The sexing test and result analysis varies from species to species. Hence, it is extremely important that you tell us the full species name (or species cross) when you submit your sample.

When using common names, please use full common names:

Green Cheek Conure Instead of Conure (there are about 30 types of conures)
Red-rumped Finch Instead of Red-rumped (this may refer to a finch, a parrot or a lorikeet)
Indian Ringneck Instead of Ringneck (this may refer to at least two different types of birds, Indian or Australian ringneck)