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Animetics offers genetic services to the avian industry. Our objective is to provide innovative services of the highest quality that target the needs of breeders and pet owners whilst providing excellent customer service.

Animetics operates from Perth, Western Australia. We have access to state of the art facilities and equipment and follow strict quality control procedures to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Animetics is owned by Diana Prada, who is a molecular ecologist and has several years of experience working with DNA and wildlife. During her career Diana has had extensive experience in DNA extraction, amplification and analysis. She has been involved in projects that use molecular techniques to achieve wildlife conservation outcomes and developed molecular tools to assist breeding programs of endangered avian species. Additionally, she has applied molecular forensic science in wildlife criminal cases. Diana has held positions in both research and commercial laboratories in New Zealand and Australia and has acquired further training from similar facilities in Canada and the USA.

About us Animetics