Beak & Feather Disease

We test for Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease Virus (PBFDV) from blood or feather samples.

PBFDV is a circovirus that is present in Australia and can affect all parrots. The virus can be deadly in fledglings, and in some cases in adult birds. The virus is transmitted through feather dust or faeces. It causes abnormally developed feathers and changes in the beak formation. Adults can carry the virus without showing clinical symptoms, and shed it intermittently.

We often perform the test from a blood sample but we can also test from feather samples. Please follow this link for details on sample collection. Our laboratory protocols ensure that false positives are minimised.

Sexing and PBFDV can be performed from a single sample.


PBFDV testing


/per sample

PBFDV + DNA sexing


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